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Schneider's Little Lions

** Last Updated 03/13/16 **

Lionhead Rabbit breeder located in south-eastern Wisconsin.

Registered Rabbitry #D961

Schneider's Little Lions is owned & operated by two sisters. We have a very small 20 hole rabbitry. We've had rabbits for several years and established a rabbitry in 2007. We started our rabbitry with purebred lionheads. We have had many different breeds since then, but we solely work with lionheads now. 

We are mainly breeding Tort (all varieties), we have a smaller herd of blacks, chocolates, and sable points.

We are members of the ARBA & NALRC

"Like" us on Facebook, you can follow what's happening at our rabbitry! Search "Schneiders Little Lions Rabbitry" or click the link.

 Home to the 2011 NALRC Lionhead Nationals Youth BOS/BOV winner!!

    Schneider's American Beauty 

* Best Display Black - 2011 youth NALRC Nationals 

Schneider's American Beauty - BOS/ BOV Black Sr. Doe LH Nationals 2011

* Best Display Otter - 2011 youth NALRC Nationals 

Schneider's Ozzy - BOV Sr. Otter Buck LH Nationals 2011

*  3rd Place overall quality sweepstakes 2011 nalrc youth. 

* 1oth Place overall quality sweepstakes 2012 nalrc youth.

* Best Display Black - 2013 youth NALRC Nationals 
Schneider's Miss America - BOSV Sr. Black Doe 

* Best Display Sable Point - 2013 youth NALRC Nationals 

Schneider's Wild at Heart - BOV Jr. Sable Pt doe

Schneider's American Beauty - 9 BOB Wins & BOS/BOV Youth Lionhead Nationals 2011!

 Lionhead Presentation News:

11-10-10; COD holders Theresa Muller & Cheryl Rafoth passed their 1st attempt at 1st presentation in Black, Tort, & Rew. This is one step forward for the breed. WTG!! (Minneapolis , MN) 

11-01-11; Lionheads unfortunatley failed 1st attempt at 2nd presentation in all 3 colors. We are still very proud of Theresa and Cheryl for all their hard work they have put into this breed. (Indianapolis, IN) 

10/30/2012 - 2nd attempt at 2nd presentation: Lionheads passed 2nd attempt at 2nd presentation in Tort & REW; Blacks did not pass. Tort & REW will go for their (hopefully!) final presentation in PA. (Wichita, KS) 

10/22/2013 -  Lionheads passed Tort & REW in Harrisburg, PA! Lionheads will be officially accepted & become the 48th breed February 1st, 2014. 

02-01-14 - Lionheads are officially recognized and are the 48th breed accepted by the ARBA in Tort & REW variety.

10/?/14 - Chocolate, Sable point, and Seal passed their 1st try at 1st presentation in Fort Worth, TX.

11/3/15 - Chocolate, Sable point, and Seal passed their 1st try at 2nd presentation. Siamese Sable passed their 2nd try at 1st presentation in Portland, OR.

ARBA Convention 2016 - San Diego, CA