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Schneider's Little Lions

** Last Updated 03/13/16 **

Lionhead Rabbit breeder located in south-eastern Wisconsin.

Registered Rabbitry #D961

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Schneider's American Beauty - 9 BOB Wins & BOS/BOV Youth Lionhead Nationals 2011!

 Lionhead Presentation News:

11-10-10; COD holders Theresa Muller & Cheryl Rafoth passed their 1st attempt at 1st presentation in Black, Tort, & Rew. This is one step forward for the breed. WTG!! (Minneapolis , MN) 

11-01-11; Lionheads unfortunatley failed 1st attempt at 2nd presentation in all 3 colors. We are still very proud of Theresa and Cheryl for all their hard work they have put into this breed. (Indianapolis, IN) 

10/30/2012 - 2nd attempt at 2nd presentation: Lionheads passed 2nd attempt at 2nd presentation in Tort & REW; Blacks did not pass. Tort & REW will go for their (hopefully!) final presentation in PA. (Wichita, KS) 

10/22/2013 -  Lionheads passed Tort & REW in Harrisburg, PA! Lionheads will be officially accepted & become the 48th breed February 1st, 2014. 

02-01-14 - Lionheads are officially recognized and are the 48th breed accepted by the ARBA in Tort & REW variety.

10/?/14 - Chocolate, Sable point, and Seal passed their 1st try at 1st presentation in Fort Worth, TX.

11/3/15 - Chocolate, Sable point, and Seal passed their 1st try at 2nd presentation. Siamese Sable passed their 2nd try at 1st presentation in Portland, OR.

ARBA Convention 2016 - San Diego, CA